Antonio Damasio invites us to a radically new and profoundly original reflection on the links between the origins of life, the emergence of the spirit and the construction of culture that Antonio Damasio invites us in this landmark book.
Combining, in a pioneering approach, the achievements of the life sciences and the contribution of the humanities, Antonio Damasio shows that the living carries within him an irrepressible force, homeostasis, which works for the continuation of life and regulates all manifestations, be they biological, psychological and even social.
The Strange Order of Things describes how, in the course of an invisible genealogy, emotions, feelings, the functioning of the mind, but also the most complex forms of culture and social organization, are rooted in the oldest single-celled organisms.
A strong thesis, powerfully argued, which is sure to provoke debate.
A great book that changes our thinking habits and makes us see in an unprecedented light our place in the long chain of life.