Neurosage treatise to change school and society

Our brain is bigger than all his creations. It is not up to our brains to adapt to our creations, but the other way around. From medicine to politics, from marketing to education, applying this principle is about changing yourself… and change the world. Our society today brews a huge amount of knowledge and, despite everything, produces very little wisdom. But a civilization that produces a lot of knowledge without wisdom is doomed to self-destruction. The book deals in particular with neuroergonomy, the science that studies the brain at work. From school to office, or in the city, the potential of this new science is immense, both socially and economically. It accurately describes our brain, its abilities, its limits, its blind spots, and the known ways of using it to the best of its ability. Recent cases show us how perfect the use of our brains is: prodigious calculators manage to calculate the thirteenth root of a hundred-digit number in less than four seconds. Now they have the same brain as us! The difference therefore lies in the way they use it, and in particular in their ability to spread the cognitive load over several functions of their mind.

This ability, Idriss Aberkane explains how we could all master it.