Keys to relational grammar

I have read your text and I agree with all your words and your conception. You are persistently and strategicly introducing humanistic ideas and feelings into the company that needs them, because the processes of dehumanization progress faster than those of humanization. Edgar Morin

This book shows the importance of the role of managers who, through their personal commitment, stimulate in their teams a momentum of vitality by giving meaning to projects while achieving the indispensable economic performance. This book will be useful for managers if it raises awareness of their role and the personal influence they can have far beyond what they imagine. At the team level, it can inspire, trigger initiatives, and create new postures of openness and engagement. This positive contamination can do oil work and win close to the other teams and, why not, the whole organization. Excerpt from Sylvie Dangelser's preface, L'Oréal Corporate Director – Learning for development