Where does intelligence come from? Is it a human exclusive? Can machines overtake us?

It emerged with life, developed over evolution, magnified with the human species… Thanks to this mysterious intelligence, we invented everything: the tool, language, writing, education, science, and the ability to question the world. Today, this beautiful story is undergoing an unprecedented revolution. For the first time, the human brain can visualize its own functioning. For the first time, he transfers some of his intelligence into machines capable of learning. In a fa
scinating dialogue, the great brain specialist Stanislas Dehaene and that of the artificial neurons Yann Le Cun recount, with Jacques Girardon, this long adventure, from animal origins to the present day, and wonder about our future. Will computers soon experience emotions, develop a morality? Are art, beauty, the ability to improvise, to anticipate, within the reach of immaterial brains
? What the authors outline here is nothing less than the next step in our evolution. Clearly, reading such a book is already radically changing the way we look at ourselves.