It’s not a crisis,
it’s a metamorphosis.

A sense of urgency led me to write this book.

The crises we are experiencing are avatars of a process of metamorphosis that took hold in the West almost a century ago. We Europeans have personalities that are profoundly different from those of our grandparents. Full of vitality, autonomous, freed from hierarchical and warrior inclinations, we build every day, without even being aware of it, a society in human networks, tangled, self-organized that governs itself.

This book is both optimistic and cautious because not everything is played.

It is us, people in their diversity, ordinary people and leaders, textbooks and intellectuals, young and old, learned and ignorant, women and men … which, through our actions and inactions, fuel metamorphosis and build the new society.

Alain de Vulpian

Look back at the evening-dialogue between Alain Berthoz, Professor at the Collège de France and Alain de Vulpian