Health through the ecosystem

It has now been integrated for several decades that health depends not only on its way of life but also on its environment. This systemic understanding underpins society’s fundamental movements towards a greener and more human-friendly world. There is a growing awareness that there is no human health on the one hand, the health of nature (vegetables, wildlife) on the other, but that there is only one “human- plant-animal” health. It has been a few decades since Metamorphosis cleared the way for an evolution of man’s relationship to nature, species and the planet. This represented a considerable leap of complexity in the apprehension of human identity and its relationship to the world. A state of consciousness of a high level of elaboration. A new leap would be set to take place with an understanding of the importance of zoonoses, i.e. the fact that the bulk of diseases would be transmitted between animal, plant and human species. These reciprocal diseases account for about 70% of human diseases.

When gender becomes a hybrid

It becomes regular to meet in the street a person who we can no longer really tell if she is a woman or a man. It is not a matter of hair length. It is a question of clothes that are neither masculine nor feminine. They are androgynous, that is, they mix the feminine and masculine codes.

It’s been three decades since artists like David Bowie and Mylène Farmer used to flirt with androgynous physique. Until now, this phenomenon had remained confidential. Here, for 2-3 years it probably becomes more than a fashion phenomenon, a way of life. Clothing websites promoting the androgynous look are multiplying. For example, on the site “Fashion Trends” there is a whole rebrique on the “androgynous style” with recommendations on clothes, shoes, according to different BCBG registers, for teenagers… Another site that surfs the wave “” (recently bought by Sarenza) which offered no less than 6 ways to be dressed male/female trend. Contrary to appearances it is not men who want to look like women, or vice versa, but men or women who want to live, in part, according to both registers. The “Chris and the Queen” singer says nothing else when she says that when it comes to sex she is first interested in people before she gets interested in gender.

When father-child contact passes through the skin

Fathers are increasingly cajoling their babies and feel the need for a richer, more sensory exchange than simple exchanges through gaze and speech.

One of them will say, “I feel like our relationship is deeper, more authentic.” This practice is due to the advice of paediatricians and midwives who encourage fathers to conceive their relationships with the child in a new way. This carnal contact opens the perspective of modalities enriched from the relationship to the other, a relationship that appeals to all the senses (smell, hearing, touch, taste) and of course the view… Babies are known to be particularly receptive to touch, the attitude of these new fathers can only be encouraged.