Will Homo sapiens be able to tame digital intelligence for a new human development?

We are not living in a chaotic time like many others, but what could be a real turning point in the fate of the human species. Homo sapiens is a living organism in evolution that must adapt to its new environments. Faced with social, economic, ecological and techno-scientific imbalances, our societies are losing confidence in the future.

And yet, the authors of this book have long observed on the ground the signs of a radical metamorphosis and a new human development. Perhaps for the first time in its history, Homo sapiens brings his rational, emotional- relational, sensory and spiritual intelligences into dialogue – and that changes everything.

Alain de Vulpian’s book offers more than just an alert. It aims to help “ordinary people” to become more far-sighted, to strengthen their intuitions and innovate. At the point of bifurcation, by paying attention to weak signals, we can “take care of the metamorphosis”. Peter Senge