While European political and media news informs us every day about the risks of a break-up of the European project, another approach to Europe is emerging and strengthening on which too few observers are looking. This is a non-administrative Europe, a Europe of networks on concrete projects seem to be looking its way.

Following the presentation in Delphi of the book Praise of Metamorphosis, Raymond Van Ermen focused the European conference in Milan in May 2018 on sustainable development on the theme "Europeans-as-a-brain", paraphrasing Alain de Vulpian's phrase "society-as-a-brain".

Europeans need to organize themselves as-a-brainers and concrete projects are already at work. The final agreement states: "On 31 May 2018, in Milan, we launched a European operation as a brain to ensure that networks, partnerships and initiatives contributing to the climate agreement work together to meet the need to make a leap forward, including towards a 'new social contract'." The European-like-a-brain initiative will begin as a European ecosystem of organisations and processes focused on the five priorities.

A first list of partners in this "European-a-brain ecosystem" has been sketched out.