A great example of catalytic leadership.

300 square meters, 111 men, 70 days under the sea: welcome aboard a SNLE, that is to say a nuclear submarine launcher of devices, lord of the oceans. Monsters of steel, cathedrals of silence, submarines lurk under the waves, watching over us and our safety, and we don't know. Yet much happens at the bottom of the water, and life on board is anything but boring. It obeys rules, strict and serene discipline, rituals, loyalties and friendships that have a taste for adventure and without which perhaps risking their lives would make less sense for these men. A submariner for more than twenty years, Admiral François Dupont takes us on board the boat entrusted to him, immersed with the men for whom he is responsible, in order, during a crossing, to share with us the beauty of this profession, which embodies at every moment the sense of commitment and the notion of duty.