Will Homo Sapiens be able to tame Artificial Intelligence
and open the way towards a new human fulfillment?

We are not living in an era that, like so many others, is merely chaotic, but in an epoch that could be a real turning point in the destiny of the human species. Homo Sapiens is not a finished product, but a work in progress, a living organism in evolution, one that has to adapt to new environments. Faced with serial challenges, social, economic, ecological and techno-scientific imbalances, our societies are losing their confidence in the future.

And yet from long-time observations in the field, we can observe the discreet development of signs of a radical metamorphosis and new human fulfillment. Perhaps for the first time in its history, Homo Sapiens puts into dialogue its rational, emotional-relational, sensory and spiritual intelligences – and that changes everything.

« De Vulpian’s book offers more than just an alert. It aims to help ordinary people be more or less clairvoyant, to strengthen their intuitions and to innovate. At the bifurcation point, by paying attention to the weak signals, we can “take care of metamorphosis”. »  Peter Senge, MIT

« The right book at the right time. » Göran Carstedt, former head Volvo, IKEA