Mindsets and Actions for Sustainability 

A Conversation with Göran Carstedt

on January 26, 18:00-19:30 CET

the intention

Join Sean Lafleur, executive coach and former Google leader, in a Zoom conversation with Göran Carstedt, pioneer of living and learning business organizations, former senior executive of Volvo and IKEA.

In 2001, Göran and Peter Senge co-authored a paper in MIT’s Sloan Management Review about the potential of the New Economy to help shift business organizations toward natural living systems and away from an industrial age paradigm. Inspired by their participation in a day to reflect on social and ecological transformation led by ordinary people, in memory of their mutual friend, Alain de Vulpian, Sean and Göran will consider the evidence of progress from their experiences over the past 20 years. What are the signs of new mindsets and forms of action taking root? What might we learn from where progress is more difficult?

Some of the questions we will explore on Jan 26:

What has actually changed in the past twenty years? What kind of transformation are we navigating towards and what kinds of thinking are important to pursue?  Where do we see material progress? What conditions have allowed it to take place? What has hindered more progress being made?  


We are thinking of hosting the conversation in three parts:

  • Göran and Sean will share some reflections.
  • Participants will converse in small groups to explore ideas, feelings, and questions.
  • We will all come together again to share our experiences and look for patterns.


We are reaching out in English to people who could not be with us in Paris for the workshop #socioperception to expand the conversation.  We are inviting people to reflect together.  What helps a collective of ordinary people involved in supporting a social and ecological transition to become a more courageous collective?  That feels especially important now as we are on the edge of a possible bifurcation taking us to a higher level or leading to a much darker scenario.


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