Homo Sapiens communicates with nature and the cosmos,

that’s Gaïa.

When I wrote “The Spirit of metamorphosis” in «Éloge», I knew that I had not followed my intuitions right to the end, but I hadn’t dared go that far.  Subsequently I let myself be blocked by hesitations. I could have called the chapter “Waking the Spirit”, considering it not as a state or condition of metamorphosis but as a major trend of metamorphoses currently under way.  However one of my intuitions insisted on the driving role of this phenomenon, which runs through and permeates the entire 20th century and which, if it continues in opposition to the chaotic tendencies that are gaining weight today, will greatly increase the chances of humanistic scenarios.

In the evolutionary life of Homo sapiens the Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin appears like a symbol.With  Pope François he represents the modernized,  transformed Catholic church launching an exploration of the integral Human Being,  in interaction with the spiritual and purified Islam of Al Azhar.

In all cultures, men pray and meditate, and in all religions this leads to the spirit.  What really exists there? It is perhaps a relationship between the brains of Homo Sapiens transcending distance and time.

There is something there. The transcendent dimension exists. In my dreams, I meet women, my wife, my mother, I have the impression that there may be people waiting for me, it is neither upsetting nor sad. I have not been able to delve deeper into snippets of knowledge about Homo Sapiens’ relationship with nature or plants; dreams, meditation, prayer are part of it;  the businessman who meditates puts his brain in contact with new aspects of reality. Spiritualism has gone through animism, shamanism, Shintoism, it is returning to meditation. This is a separation between an emotionally-loaded spiritual ambition that creates camps and clans and supports hierarchical and controlled societies,  and a spirituality of finer emotions, meetings, communion…  developing  from commandments and obedience to love. No longer driven by dogmatic religion but by an impulse from the heart.

This spirit is life. It’s related to the brain, its vibrations. There is a part of reality to which we do not have free access, but sometimes we have flashes of communication; each socio-culture has invented a variety of fantasies to describe them, but we must look for common foundations, from religions to Jung. True humanism is the development of both the individual and the species, this is integral human development.

The authoritarian vengeful punisher god fades before a figure of love,  the renovated Christian church has relinquished the exercise of power, and other churches are changing. The Noosphere is the domain of consciousness, of love, tending towards the Omega point and fusion. We live in a wonderful time, living close to the spirit of metamorphosis without yet drawing a clear analysis. The Noos is us. We may be inventing something that we will no longer call a religion but the Spirit.